About Me

Kizomba Magic Man Ben (Bernert Craig) as called by his friends was Born to a Diplomatic Family. Originally.. Ben has been Dancing since his childhood and did win the Southeast London Primary Schools Championship in Break Dance. As a Kid he will organize Hood Battles where they will be Competing among Friends during his visit with his parents in Ghana. Ben is a Radio Presenter (TopAfricRadio) Salsa Dancer, Kizomba Dancer , Teacher , DJ, Actor, Promoter and work sometime as a Bar Keeper beside his academic success as a Nutritionist. After his visit in Angola 2008 he came back Dancing Kizomba & Teaching.Because of his experience as Salsa,Bachata Teacher and Dancer. Ben is the first person to introduce Kizomba the Dance & Musik into the Salsa scene in Hamburg and Germany also the 1st Kizomba teacher and Promoter in Hamburg. Ben has thought lot of people, Some of his past students have now become teachers in Hamburg and it´s suburbs. Ben have promoted Kizomba to a very high level with 1st Class international Teachers , DJs in Hamburg & Germany. in 2012 Ben organize the first ever International Kizomba & Zouk (Festival)Gala in Hamburg. He Love Dancing & Music is his food. Today Kizomba has become part of every good party not only in Hamburg but in many other Cities in Germany. Ben still Work as a DJ international, Teach Dancing & Promote the Orignal Kizomba with its roots from Angola. Ben did play as DJ and Teacher at some of this International Events Reference. Brussels, London, Paris, International Salsa Festival Hamburg, Winter Salsa Gala Hamburg, Kizomba Gala Kassel, All White Annual Party Biellifeld,Sensual Weekend Cologn, First Kizomba DJ Bomba Latin Hamburg and many more.